Salmonid Restoration Federation

The 37th Annual Conference will be held in Santa Rosa, California from  April 23 - 26, 2019. Please check back to this website as we will be adding more details. The last call for session, field tour, and workshop abstracts is located in the attached documents below. 

Field Tours

  • Living in a Fire Adapted Landscape: Burn Zone Recovery, Natural Regeneration and Active Restoration in Sonoma County Watersheds
  • Dutch Bill Watershed Streamflow Improvement and Coho-Recovery Tour
  • Integrating Flood Management, Steelhead and Wildlife Restoration in the Napa River Watershed
  • Winter Habitat, Floodplains, and Fish Passage in Lagunitas Creek
  • Exploring a Stage 0 Valley - Aggraded, Avulsed, Restored
  • Dry Creek Field Tour: Partnerships in Habitat Enhancement and Monitoring for Salmonid Recovery
  • PIT Antenna Technology: An Array of Applications in the Russian River Watershed


  • Restoring to Stage 0, Recent Advances and Applications in Process-Based Habitat Restoration
  • Thinking Outside the Channel: Innovative Approaches to Urban Stream Restoration 
  • Assessing Ecological Risks from Streamflow Diversions
  • Growing Impacts: Cannabis and Instream Flows

Concurrent Sessions

  • Data, Planning and Actions for Watershed Resiliency: Fires, Floods and Climate Change
  • Growing Impacts: Cannabis and Instream Flows
  • Floodplains and Functions: From Concept to Creation
  • Salmonid Foodscapes in River Networks
  • Freshwater-Estuarine Transition Zone in Coastal Watersheds 
  • Stage Zero Restoration, Design and Implementation
  • Let The River Run: Insights into Understanding the Klamath Basin
  • Incorporating Tribal Ecological Knowledge Into Salmonid Recovery Efforts
  • Possibility of a Renaissance for Spring-Run Chinook: Fact or Fiction?
  • Summertime Blues: Salmonid Survival and Ecosystem Response at the Base of the Hydrograph
  • Strategies for Improving Streamflow
  • Innovations in the Science and Management of Dry Season Water Supply for Salmonid Recovery in California

Finley Community Center
2060 West College Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA